People see our company as a hair extension company; we consider ourselves educators of well designed consistent quality hair amplification systems; including top of the head solutions. We own the first intellectual property around the revolutionary tape in method of adding 100% human hair as length volume and/or color called easiLengths. EasiLengths is the fastest, safest and most natural professional only hair amplification system in the world; not to mention the highest earning salon service. Our family has been in the hair replacement business since 1967 and we have been using the same human hair joint venture manufacturing partner since 1992. With 40 million women in the US suffering from hair loss (10 million of them under the age of 40) being a great hairdresser may not be enough to ensure your clients look and feel their best. 40 million equates to 1 in 4 of your current clients not only want but need a way to achieve sustainable volume. Most hairdressers believe in selling hair extensions off a menu, we see hair extensions as an extension of styling services as a treatment. While you’re not offering your clients tape hair extensions someone else around the corner or across town is. Don’t give your clients the opportunity to sit in anyone else’s chair; offer your clients more, significantly increase your average service and retail tickets by becoming an easihair professional and sharing our passion for beautiful hair with your clients! Change your life today and join our incredible team of hundred thousand dollar hairdressers.

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I just recently switched to easiLengths by easihair pro and Im floored by how much I already LOVE them. When youre washing your hair in the shower it doesnt feel like youve got a bunch of weight pulling your head down, they dry quickly naturally, and they blow dry tremendously well. They stay feeling soft and natural, and dont get that brittle feeling that Ive had with other hair extensions after just a few washes. Theyre super easy to style, and I truly dont even know theyre there. The easiLengths really do make it easy.

"easihair pro has given me the opportunity to really grow my business and my clientele, allowing me to raise my prices twice to make room for my ideal clients. My average service ticket before easiLengths tape extensions was $38.08 but over the last 24 months my average service ticket averages between $90 and $110. My average retail ticket before easihair pro was $30 but now averages between $80 and $95; and I'm in a small town in South Dakota. I sleep, eat and breathe the love for this product and this company!"

"I specialize in extensions and have ever since realized that cutting and coloring was good but doing hair extensions was great! I use easihair pro tape in extensions on all my clients because there is no better tape extension system period. The support we get from their Corporate office is just amazing. I challenge you to find a company that puts their money where their mouth is like easihair professional. If they're back ordered (which is hardly ever) they give us the longer hair at the same price, gotta love that right!?"

"Im looking forward to bringing these extensions into my new salon. Out of all the extensions I've ever tried these are my favorite!!!"

?????? love everything about it.. The company, the service, and the product for myself and for my clients! Cheers!

The easihair pro education that Lance and Jennifer did for us was a great class. It was well prepared and very productive. I feel like our team is set up to win. Teresa, our Education Director, said it was one of the most beneficial classes shes attended in a long time.

"I've used almost every hair extension company and method out there. Most companies get it right some of the time but very few are able to get it right all of the time. I've been working with easihair professional tape extensions and I can tell you from the high quality product, to the comprehensive educations, to the low back order rate and the outstanding customer service, no one comes close to easihair pro."

After using easihair pros easiLengths backstage at New Yorks Fashion Week for the last eight seasons I found it to be the most effective superior product that provides incredible results to add length, volume or color in a short period of time. The added excitement about this product is that is not just for hairdressing on the runway and photo shoots but its a salon service that caters to the everyday woman, which is why we use them at Cutler.

"As a freelance session stylist I make a living from endorsements but I am more than happy to endorse easiLengths for free because it's such a great product that has served me so well over the years! I suggest you get out there and try easiLengths for yourself you will be amazed at the quality of both the hair and weft construction; no one does it better"

"I recently became online certified in your easihair pro tape in extensions. I am very familiar with your product and myself and several of my clients have loved your 8 piece clip in extensions. The quality of hair is by far the best I have used and I've have tried several different companies. With the tape in extensions, I only have a few clients under my belt, but love everything about them."

I've been using easihair for about seven years and I've tried them all and these truly are the best!

BEST EVER!!!!! Easy to use. Easy to wear. Doesn't the name easihair say it all?

"Our easihair pro educational experience led by Lance Courtney, and team easihair pro truly exceeded our expectations. The depth of the business building information that was shared was fantastic. The easihair pro content was inspiring, motivating and kept the participants engaged and open for the 1.5 day training session. Lance and the team have a wonderful ability to create a sense of accountability and motivation for each person to pursue the goals they have set to grow their business. Also, and so importantly, he is able to make the JUUT team realize that trying new things can be uncomfortable, yet embracing that leads to success. Everyone left energized, enthusiastic and committed. Rave reviews from all. We cant wait to have team easihair pro back for more!"

"I loved what I learned about easihair pro, not only the technical application but the business building, optimizing my time and leveraging my opportunity and ability to increase my income. I recommend this education to everybody wanting to do hair extensions."

"I feel like the easihair professional onsite education class has changed my life professionally and personally. I realized that I don't have to shrink my dreams to fit my income This was extremely inspiring and will change the way I do business forever. Thanks so much for coming...please come back soon."

I absolutely love this brand! I have been doing hair extensions for almost 14 years now and have never been so satisfied with not only the quality of hair, longevity of the type of installation used but the communication this company has with its buyers (the stylist) it has truly surpassed all others! I always loved their adhesive but I especially love their new booster tape! This just goes to show this company is constantly looking to improve even when I already considered them the best! My clients have never been happier! Thank u easihairpro for making my job a lot easier!

"When it comes to passion, quality, dedication to fashion and commitment to education as a point of difference, no one can compete with easihair professional's tape in extensions. Their education focuses on both the business and technical aspects of the category. According to their CEO Paul Reynolds, " We don't only focus on Stylists' technical skillset during education because if they are unable or insecure about identifying the candidates, suggesting the services and educating on the product in order to sell it to their clients; it doesn't matter how great their skillset is because they'll never get to use them."

"At Rolfs we service a very high end clientele with extremely high standards. When we evaluate a vendor we need to ensure that they fit with our high standards and are only the best of the best. Over the past 5 years in working with easihair professional, the quality of the products and education to the integrity of the founder Paul has been nothing but a first class experience; and we sell a lot, a lot of easihair professional tape extensions. From our team of technicians to our clients, we couldn't be happier"

"This was an amazing 2 day experience. You've not only given me new lenses with which to see my opportunities but given me new tools that will systematically break down our mission into bite-size pieces to see more clearly, believe more fully and act more consistently. Thanks Team easihair pro"

"I've worked backstage with easihair pro at NYFW for several seasons now and simply love it. When I found out that they can be used behind the chair permanently as well, I knew that I wanted to offer it to my clients. I'm wearing them myself at the moment and just love it!"

"I LEARNED MORE IN THIS TWO DAY CLASS THAN I EVER HAVE IN 18 YEARS AS A DESIGNER IN THIS INDUSTRY. The education did not meet my expectation it exceeded it greatly."

I am a Huge fan of these extensions. I found that all the challenges that I have had have been due to user error. Meaning they were issues thru no fault but my own. I find that my guests are enjoying these much more than other tape systems that we have used in the past. The lack of shedding and quality of hair are amazing. I have a lot of blondes so this is where I will judge a company. If the blonde stays nicely then I am a believer. One more thing that I am finding is that the integrity of the weft holds well enough to get more than the recommended reapplications.

"I love easihair pro tape extensions. I've been using their tape in extensions for almost 4 years now. I've tried so many companies and nobody has the color selection that easiLengths has. The blondes and blends are amazing and knowing that the cuticle is still intact is super important. Unlike so many other tape brands I've tried, easihair tape extensions don't shed and the panels don't slip out. Love Love Love them!"

These are amazing! We are happy to be able to offer these to our guests. The quality of the hair is incredible, the anti-shed technology seems to keep the extensions looking as dense as they were for the first installation. Great color options and multiple lengths.