Hello, I am David


TITLES: Senior Stylist

SPECIALTIES: Color! Blondes. Dimensional work. Balayage.

EDUCATION/TRAINING: After graduating high school I jumped right into cosmetology school. While starting my career I went to college and received an associate’s degree in business administration and began working on a bachelor’s in psychology. I like to stay current in the industry by attending classes and going to hair shows. I have worked with TIGI and WELLA

CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH: My dog, always. She comes first.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU?: Honestly, wood. The unique grains in wood inspire me during color applications such as balayage, highlighting, and all dimensional color services.

HOW DID YOU END UP IN THIS INDUSTRY? : I graduated high school early. When I graduated, I was not sure what exactly I wanted to do. I had been doing my friends’ hair and my sister’s hair just for fun. I decided to go to cosmetology school so that I could have a bomb ass part time job through college. When I got deeper into the industry I realized that it was a great match for me and my college education became complimentary

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO?: instant gratification! I am blessed to be in a career where I see a new person multiple times a day and get to connect, talk, give them a solid service, make them happy, and then see another person and do it again. 

TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOU: I recently moved to Oregon! I am originally from Tennessee and have been in the industry for over 8 years.    

WHAT’S A FAVORITE QUOTE?  “expect nothing, appreciate everything” 


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING? Hiking with my dog, doing yoga, staying active, checking out my new surroundings 

WHAT’S ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?  Bathe in the moonlight under the aurora borealis 

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: relaxed, young professional