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Brandon comes to Pomme with over 10-years experience in numerous roles within the salon industry. With this experience, he finally decided to take the leap and become a Master Cosmetologist through Pomme's Apprenticeship program. He is advancing his skills quickly and will soon graduate to Associate Level Designer. Until his graduation, he is taking models during his advanced training on Wednesday evenings with our Educator, Shannon Paul. Please call the salon to inquire about scheduling with Brandon. 

Personality: Brandon is a true polished gentleman in his demeanor and heart.  He is always smiling and eager to put a smile on someone else's face. He's energetic and calm all at the same time. You can catch him dancing behind the color bar, or shampoo stations throughout the day.

Brandon enjoys going on adventures with his two young children, Kelly and Lorelai. When the kids are preoccupied with fiercely expressing themselves through their own independent creative endeavors, Brandon enjoys being as nerdy as possible by playing pen and paper rpg games. He enjoys reading and has a thirst for learning new things.  Occasionally, he will sing if he thinks no one is listening, or he will participate in some good ol' karaoke if it's just the right song.

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