Our goal at our salons is to give each & every guest an unforgettable salon experience, every time!

The salons are all Paul Mitchell Focus salons, which means we use & recommend PAUL MITCHELL products, it’s what we believe in & what we are experts on.

The salons are all CONCEPTUAL based off of the guests wants and needs.

CONSULTATIONS are a top priority in our salons. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been with us many times let’s always talk about YOUR HAIR!

We don’t make appointments in our salons, we make RESERVATIONS. Our reservationists even automatically make your future reservations before you leave so you never have to worry about a bad hair day

The COLOR BAR concept is an open air dispensary where we CELEBRATE hair color! its mirror free so our guests can relax & unwind while they are processing.

The WASHHOUSE & LATHER LOUNGE concepts are all about turning our sinks into a spa! The Washhouse is a candlelit, enclosed room with relaxing music, & the Lather Lounge can be an open area but both places are where every guest receives a glorious head and neck massage during their shampoo. Fun Fact, Robert’s first salon in San Diego was named WASHHOUSE because he decided he was going to make a bigger deal about the shampoo experience than any other hairdresser!

We call our styling stations, STYLE with KNOWLEDGE because not only will we cut, color, & style your hair to the best of our ability but we will also educate you on how to do your hair at home so in between visits your hair will look amazing! You can TAKE the entire salon experience HOME with you (minus your stylist!) We love to cater to the MEN in your lives! In our San Diego Flagship location we have a Men’s Grooming Wall with 7 Barber chairs lined up, in a slightly more private area of the salon so they can be treated like KINGS! Same Great Washhouse experience for them with an additional hot towel treatment on their faces and an extra rinse after their haircut to take away any of those itchy hairs- makes it great if they need to come in on a lunch hour- their boss will never know!

We have 5 Elements of stylists at the ARCS salons and that is based off of each stylists RED Reputation, Experience, & Demand.