Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar

Independently owned and operated by: AAJADSL413 LLC
DBA; Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar










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Consent language

DBA; (“Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar” Secaucus, NJ), ITS SUCCESSORS OR ASSIGNS, FROM THE CREDIT CARD they have on file for me OR ANY REPLACEMENT CREDIT CARD. Payments will be deducted monthly for the one-month period starting on the 30th day after the date specified above. Agreement will continue month to month and cancellation will be permitted with 30 days written notice.

By placing a credit card on file and authorizing the initial monthly payment deduction, the Member hereby purchases a Month-to-Month membership to Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar. Membership entitles the member to receive two (2) Moxie (30 minute) Blowouts per month, and other member benefits. Member’s (2) Moxie (30 minute) Blowouts included in monthly membership will begin 30 days after activation of membership which is when member’s credit card will be charged the membership fee. During these first thirty days of membership, the member may purchase blowouts at the member rate. Services over 30 minutes are subject to a $10.00 additional charge. Unused Services can roll-over. All monthly prepaid services, including any services rolled over from previous months expire ninety (90) days following the submission of the Notice of Cancellation by member or termination by Moxie. No cash refunds or gifts cards will be issued for unused services. Membership is held at the Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar location where you signed your Membership Agreement, however Membership services shall be honored at any participating Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar. Terminated, Cancelled, Frozen (on- Hold Members) or Suspended Members may use or transfer, subject to conditions below, accrued paid- for services, but may not use any other member benefits upon termination or cancellation of the membership. Members may purchase an unlimited number of blowout services for their personal use at member rate. Rates for these additional blowout services after use of your monthly membership services may vary at other Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar locations. All memberships are subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The effect of this membership is conditioned upon the receipt of all payments set forth herein. Responsible Party: This is an agreement between member and AAJADSL413 LLC DBA; Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar and member acknowledges that Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar Franchise Corporation, known as Moxie BBB Franchising LLC, shall not be liable for any performance, services, or liability under this agreement. All Moxie Salon and Beauty Bars are independently owned and operated. AAJADSL413 LLC DBA; Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar must be notified of any changes in address, contact information and /or credit card information.

Membership Cancellation Policy:
This agreement will continue month to month and cancellation will be permitted with 30 days written notice.
The Written Notice of Cancellation will be on a form supplied by Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar and you may receive and submit the notice via mail, email, or hand delivery where you initially purchased your membership. After the Notice of Cancellation is submitted, one final monthly payment will be charged on the next regularly scheduled payment date.
It is expressly agreed and understood that “Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar” may terminate any membership for non-payment of fees and charges and/or violations of “Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar” rules and regulations by the member, his or her family or invited guests. It is also expressly understood and agreed that by signing or electronically signing this, it is a legally enforceable membership contract, that you have read and understood its terms and agree that all fees are payable in full based upon the terms of this agreement. Any account that becomes overdue may be referred to collections for the current balance plus the remaining membership fees owed to complete the initial agreement and any collection expenses or attorney's fees.

Appointment Cancelation Policy
Any cancellation of a scheduled service will require advance notice of at least 24 hours PRIOR to any scheduled service. Failure to do so will result in costs to “Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar”, for which you agree to pay a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the scheduled service.

Late Policy
“Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar” is committed to providing the best possible salon service at the best possible price. To assure that your experience is consistent with our goals, we ask that you kindly check in for your service at least 1O minutes prior to the scheduled service time. We do understand that sometimes being late is unavoidable and we will do our best to accommodate each member. However, if you are late for your appointment, it may be necessary to re-schedule your appointment.

Hold / Freeze Policy
A membership may be frozen or placed on medical hold for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months, but not more than twice in a twelve-month period. A freeze or medical hold fee may apply. You may schedule and use paid for services while on hold but may not use any other member benefits. Freezing or placing a membership on hold is at the complete discretion of the Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar where membership was purchased and is based on individual circumstances.
1. Memberships can only be frozen two times in a 12-month period for a maximum of 3 months at a time. A membership must be unfrozen a minimum of 30 days before it can be frozen again. A freeze fee may apply.
2. Members can redeem accumulated services during a freeze but cannot utilize any additional membership benefits (i.e., bringing guests, retail discounts or any other offered membership benefit).
3. A minimum of one EFT payment must have been made before a membership is eligible to be frozen.

Other Membership Benefits and Policies:
1. Memberships and membership fees are not transferable.
2. Members may transfer a service to a friend or family member for an additional fee of $5.00 per blowout service, subject to change. Members may not transfer more than three (3) services per twelve (12) month period to friends or family.
3. Members may bring in an unlimited number of guests if the guest is not already a Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar client who has visited any Moxie in the last sixty (60) days. Guests are required to pay for blowout service at member rate.
4. Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar or its employees or agents shall not be responsible for any personal items lost, stolen or damaged.
5. Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar reserves the right to change the facility hours, as necessary.
6. We reserve the right to change membership prices at any time with thirty (30) days prior notice.
7. Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar reserves the right to modify/change salon rules, regulations, services, and pricing with reasonable notice.
8. Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar must be notified about any changes in address, contact information and/or credit card information.
9. Members and their guests must follow salon rules and regulations. Each Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services for any reason.
10. Age requirements for receiving salon services vary by State and local law and Moxie Salon and Beauty Bar strictly complies with such laws. In the event there is not a specific regulation in your area, our policy is as follows:
No person will be denied admission based upon race, religion, or appearance. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 SHALL BE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM ENTERING THE SALON UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. No children under the age of 18 will be able to receive any service without the express written consent of their parent or guardian. For children 15 and under (or where required by state law), a parent or guardian MUST remain in the Salon and for all minor children the parent must remain on premises during services.