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Always a good experience
By Laurie on 20 Jan 2019
Great haircut, awesome people, good vibes all around!
Susan is the best
By Owen on 20 Jan 2019
Susan is my favorite. She let's me touch the clippers before they touch me. Susan gives me the spray bottle and just lets me go crazy with it. I love coming to see Ms. Susan!! Love, Owen 3 1/2
the best
By Susan on 19 Jan 2019
i never leave this studio without looking perfect. From the cut to the products used it can't get better.
Most relaxed AND professional Salon a...
By Michele on 19 Jan 2019
The stylist at Natural Fusion are well-trained professionals. The owner, Earl has the highest standards for his stylists. He invests in their training and certifications and is constantly inspiring them to be betters. Yet, because Earl is a very special person, all this professionalism and striving creates a relaxed atmosphere. Most salon I have been in, are tense. You sometimes even get the feeling that the stylists are competing with each other, instead of supporting each other. That is far from the case at Natural Fusion. It is a wonderful little place where you can sit back and enjoy your time at the salon knowing you will look fabulous as you step out their door. Earl is a really good guy and he works very hard everyday for his stylists.
Wonderful, warm, friendly service
By Michele on 18 Jan 2019
Love it!
By Mary on 18 Jan 2019
Great as always.
Full Color by Kristen
By Courtney on 17 Jan 2019
I absolutely LOVE the energy of this place! I got a full color done by Kristen. I haven’t colored my hair in about 5 years. I am very hesitant to color my hair as I’m not a fan of harsh chemicals invading my nose or damaging my hair. Upon my arrival I was given a little tour of the studio, and a little history lesson on the shop and what they stand for. They literally recycle everything! Another thing I like that you don’t see everywhere is that the staff really is a TEAM. A stylist doesn’t have like their OWN clients. It is the STUDIO’S client. Everyone was doing something. I was taken care of by Kristen, who from what I gather is the new kid on the block. While she was tending to me, the team gave her helpful advice and pointers. She took and applied constructive criticism. It was nice to be a part of a persons personal and career growth. Kristen put a lot of time, effort and care into making sure I was comfortable and satisfied with my experience. 5 stars for the studio, 5 stars for the team and their willingness to help one another, 5 stars for Kristen’s ability to take care of her client WHILE accepting critique, 5 stars for the final product. Oh also the dye smells really good and my hair feels amazing.
By Bianca on 17 Jan 2019
Went to Kristen who was knowledgable and did an awesome job on my color. Highly recommend and the color didnt have any smell which was a huge bonus.
By Jennifer on 12 Jan 2019
Great Experience!
By Terry on 09 Jan 2019
I just got home from my first cut and color at Natural Fusion. All I can say is wow wow wow! My stylist, Danee was new to this salon and going through her training supervised by the owner, Earl. Danee did a great job on her own and is going to be a great stylist. But Earl kicked it up to the next level by coaching her on the subtleties of color choices, how to cover resistant grey hair and how to match my natural color even though my current color was the result of home coloring and past perms. Earl also fine tuned my cut by showing Danee how to add great texture and layers so my hair would have great movement and form. It ended up being the best haircut and color I have ever had. And I love the product line they carry and the concern for the environment that this salon actively demonstrates. I will go back and back and back again.