By Miriam on 26 Mar 2019
Samantha- most natural color in the world! Anya is a genius!
By Carol on 25 May 2018
Go straight to Zhen for a masterful haircut and see Ryan for voluptuous color and Doris for pedi/mani that will last and her other special ways
By Sharyn on 18 May 2018
Fabulous experience! New client had my hair done by Alain one of the owners and my color by Selma. So Happy! Best find ever!
Best highlights!
By Christine on 24 Dec 2017
Love Carolyn! She is the best colorist and I always come out feeling so beautiful!
Best all around salon
By Mall on 02 Dec 2017
Styling by Marie the best! Makeup by Sadah the best! Haircut by Kao or anyone the best! And Color by Larissa or anyone the best!!!
Fabulous Salon
By Jane on 30 Nov 2017
Nyreen is the best hair cutter. All the staff are truly wonderful.
Zhen and Selma Loyalist
By Robin on 29 Nov 2017
Zhen and Selma are the best. I am stopped on the street EVERY day by women asking me who cuts and colors my hair.
Best highlights in the world!
By Tracy on 29 Nov 2017
Daniel is a master at highlights with amazing customer service all through the process. The Salon is clean and nice and void of pressure to look/feel anything but who you are (unlike other salons). The only thing I would improve upon is to inspire that same high touch/high customer service attitude among the staff at the front desk. I would rate that element "average". Thanks very much.
By Karen on 28 Nov 2017
Susanna was always!
Amy S
By Amy on 27 Nov 2017
Nyree is a very talented hair stylist. She is able to see what will work best for the hair type and the desired look.