Oly Curl Reviews

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The Best Salon for Curly Girls
By Marvel on 15 Oct 2019
I always look forward to my appointment at OlyCurl. The stylists are friendly. The salon is inviting and I feel like I'm in a spa. Thank you Yukiko and all the amazing stylists and greeters. Your're the best OlyCurl for Curly Girls!
such a pleasure
By Patricia on 13 Oct 2019
It is pleasure to go to OLY Curl for my hair appointments, have learned so much about my curly hair, love being treated so nicely. Lacie is just the best and I also love how everyone helps everyone else.
Absolute MUST for curly hair
By Elisabethe on 13 Oct 2019
Yukiko and the OlyCurl team are the best for curly hair care and maintenance. The service is the most personal and caring I have had. My hair looks great!
Excellent experience
By DK on 12 Oct 2019
Yukiko always listens to my concerns/wants and makes it work in a way that supports my wishes as well as the best interest of my overall hairstyle. I am continuing to fall in love with my hair with her guidance and encouragement. It has been a great relief to meet a professional that ACTUALLY knows how to work with and is able to teach client's about their own naturally curly hair. It has been very liberating for me to no longer fight my hair all the time or feel like I hate it.... this has been a gift that I continue to cherish daily! I always gush about my good fortune when I get compliments on my hair now. I encourage fellow curlies to seek out a specialist as well as well as to consider switching to products without the frizz causing plastic ingredients in them to ones that nourish and bring out the best in our unique hair.
By Jackie on 11 Oct 2019
Thank you Yukkio for my new style, everyone at work has complemented on how cute my hair cute is on me. Thank you, loving it!
I’ve got my curl back!
By Jessica on 10 Oct 2019
I’m so pleased with my hair. This is something I thought I wouldn’t be able to say again. I’ve been frustrated for years! So glad to have my curls back and so much wonderful guidance to maintain it. Thanks so much OlyCurl!
New me!
By Jennifer on 09 Oct 2019
My hair was a wreck. It was uneven, dull and in poor health. I wore it up all the time. They transformed my hair and now I am happy with my curls. I rarely wear it up and I know how to take care of it. I don’t trust my hair to anyone else! Thank you OlyCurl.
The best!!'
By Lisa on 04 Oct 2019
I love this place. I fact, I traveled more than 170 miles to get my hair cut today. Olycurl is the best for curly hair!
Love my curls
By Margaret on 20 Sep 2019
A definite 5 star rating for Yukiko and the entire staff at Oly Curl. The staff is always very pleasant and professional. I have been fortunate enough to have Yukiko as my hairdresser / stylist for several years and have had a wonderful experience on each and every appointment. Her expertise in working with curly hair is amazing. She also carries hair products made for curly hair and is able to recommend products that nourish and control my curls. If you have curly hair, contact Oly Curl. Your curls will love you!
Awesome as always!
By Holly on 19 Sep 2019
No need to really say much more. Great cut, great conversation, beautiful salon, helpful staff. Thank you Yukiko, you’re the best. 🤓