Excellent Massage
By Kelly on 15 Oct 2019
I was a little disappointed that the free parking garage was out of order, but all that slipped away due to Cindy's amazing massage techniques. She took the time to ask what I needed and was extremely responsive.
By Ayahnnah on 14 Oct 2019
I've been to this establishment two times and it's getting better every time I come. Very professional staff and the therapists that do the services are a absolutely great at what they do. I drive almost two hours to get my massages and facials and will continue to do so!
Rose is wonderful!
By Samantha on 14 Oct 2019
Rose did an amazing job working out the knots and tension in my back, shoulders, neck- everywhere! She was attentive and tailored the massage to my needs. However- room #4 looked like it was a last minute addition- it was so small I had to scoot around the table to get to the chair where I could set my things. The lighting was harsh. It smelled like paint. I was worried I was going to have a bad experience because of the tight and unappealing quarters. Thankfully I was wrong and Rose is amazing. But, please check the room and make sure it’s up to your standard.
Signature massage
By Van on 13 Oct 2019
Meli was great. She listened to my needs and was very friendly. The front desk staff were also very accommodating with helping me with products.
Great service
By Ayanna on 12 Oct 2019
PJ runs the place flawlessly and Ashley has incredible hands. My facial was delightful. I love the Decatur location!
Amazing massage and Amazing facial
By ShaRon on 09 Oct 2019
Cindy is the best!! I am a massage therapist and need some major work because of my job. She is intuitive and knowledgeable in her profession and that's exactly what I need. My facial was with Morgan and she is equally as amazing professional and knowledgeable about skin care. I always have an amazing experience.
One of the worst massages I’ve ever...
By Kelly on 06 Oct 2019
The person I saw seemed to have minimal experience. She wasted time moving things around, a fan, a box of something. She got up for lotion atleast 6 times. I told her my neck and between my shoulder blades were tight and hurting me and she only spent about 5 minutes on my back. She would do things to one side of my neck and not the other. There was no method or flow to the massage. She also propped herself up with her arm on my butt while using her other arm to massage my back. I left with a headache I didn’t have when I came in. Very disappointed.
By Elizabeth on 05 Oct 2019
As far as the actual massage goes, it was wonderful. If I had one suggestion, it would be to save the sales pitch until after the massage is over. I just wanted to have one hour of quiet while getting the massage, but it was more about “upselling”. It was more about me hearing that I need a deep tissue massage rather than the one I ordered. My response, “ok”, which resulted in another $10. Then it was how my massage therapist need to get me on a maintenance program... one massage a week for 3 more weeks, then monthly, and here is a list of the packages we offer. Then it was “Do you want me to rub some CBD oil on your back? It is only $10.” Then it was “You can get 20% of any non-sale item, but it has to be today.” So it was pretty much a one hour sales pitch while getting a massage. Again, the massage was good, just could have done without the sales pitch.
By Amber on 04 Oct 2019
The best massage of my life.
best in town
By Alice on 04 Oct 2019
I came to try out a bikini wax for the first time and have kept coming back all these years because no matter who i have, she always makes it as painless and pleasant as possible. i get nervous easily and they always distract me and chat and i just love everyone there. even though i only go a few times a year, they remember my name:)