Great massage
By Fay on 14 Oct 2019
I was so sore from walking in a boot cast all day the day before. Brian fixed me right up. He stretched my legs out and had me lie on my side and all kinds of innovative things. I love him!
deep tissue massage
By Betty on 14 Oct 2019
Scott did a great job!
Wax with Jin
By Crystal on 13 Oct 2019
From the moment I walk in to the Morningside location the whole team is welcoming. NB’s rooms are nice, clean, and relaxing. Every visit with Jin is the best! She’s professional, quick and so personable. Waxing is not a spa “feel good” moment but somehow she’s able to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible!
By Lindsey on 13 Oct 2019
My therapist was amazing! Was disappointed that gift cards expire. That is a poor business practice. This is not standard with other gift cards and certainly changes my utilization of your services. If the currency I use to buy those gift cards didn’t change, then my ability to use them should not either.
Amy is one of the best massage therap...
By Leah on 12 Oct 2019
I have a complicated body with many issues, Amy understood everything w/very little explanation and took care of every are that was giving me pain. She did a wonderful job!
October 9th Birthday Review
By Kai on 09 Oct 2019
I have come to NBS for a while, especially for birthday massages. This time Monica was my therapist, and was a little difficult to connect with, and it carried through the entire massage. At the start, when she asked about my needs/concerns, I said that I only wanted an upper body massage (something I have done for 20+ years). She shook her head, slightly laughed and asked why... (a first). I explained that I don't enjoy my upper legs and butt being rubbed, and asked if that was a problem. She said no, but it was unusual for a 90 minute massage, timing and all. I said she could rub my feet and calves, if timing was an issue. Clearly off to a great start......As she was rubbing my back, and got to a tense part of my shoulder, she let me know that I had requested the signature massage, and my muscles were clearly tense, and next time I should get the deep tissue massage...only THAT would fix my issues. Later, as she rubbed my jawline (?!?) asked if I was clenching, no.... as she rubbed my feet, asked me several times to stop flexing...I wasn't! At the end of the massage she told me that I had several tense places, my back, neck, face, ankle, and calves, and that I really needed deep tissue massage to fix. Although I understand that I may be tense, I left feeling like I failed somehow just lying there, and as if she wanted me to do more in terms of service. It was a decent massage, but afterwards somehow felt guilty for lying there. KM
Relaxation massage
By Bridget on 09 Oct 2019
Exactly what the doctor ordered!
Gel Manicure
By Tan on 07 Oct 2019
Brittany did an amazing job. I will be coming back.
By Maureen on 06 Oct 2019
Great job!!
By Linda on 04 Oct 2019
This was the first massage I have had in a long time and now I don't know why. It was a wonderful relaxing experience and worth every penny. I will make sure not to leave it so long this time.