Salon 124 - Sugarloaf Reviews

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great haircut
By Sharon on 21 Mar 2020
Myke did a great job as usual. Not so sure I like the new decor.
Rox rocks!
By Carol on 20 Mar 2020
I love seeing Roxana! She is a hair magician...
Salon 124 Sugarloaf/ New Decor
By Joyce on 17 Mar 2020
The New Decor/ remodeling looks fantastic! I love the blue/green coloring on the walls in the reception area, shelves look good with the new lightning. Couple of area's that I think need to be revisited: 1. the chair's for us (the customer) are NOT comfortable (especially when your there for 2 + hours). The"rising" of the chair is very "jerky", like your riding on a bumpy road!!! The chair is too close to the counter and mirror, I kept wanting to move back! I felt "closed in"!!! 2. The stations are very close together again a feeling of being "closed in"! 3. The chairs at the shampoo bowl are not comfortable - very small - no arms on them, I felt like I could fall off! My hairdresser, had to ask me to turn my head, left and right, to wash the back of the head, if I didn't I would have wet clothes!! Not a good thing!!! I know I'm just one in a million to give a review but my concerns are real for me, I will give the "new" amenities another try to see if it changes - - if not I may be looking for a new salon!
By Diane on 16 Mar 2020
The Salon looks beautiful! Dawn is a wonderful and I always enjoy the experience! Diane
Remodel Review
By Sheila on 13 Mar 2020
Although the recent remodel has given the salon a sleek modern look, It feels uncomfortable and claustrophobic. While waiting for my stylist to greet me, Only one seat was available in the reception area and seating was uncomfortably close person-to-person. The product displays are lovely but feel more seating for customers would be better use of space. The new chairs in the stylists’ spaces are also very uncomfortable due to no lower back support. Wish they had kept the old chairs. The new chairs in the shampoo area are a plus. They are customer friendly & very comfortable.
Love Dana!
By Kathy on 13 Mar 2020
Again great service from Dana! See her again next month.
Shaina is my Savior
By Heather on 12 Mar 2020
Shaina is the most amazing stylist and human that I have ever known! She has been my stylist for several years and I have traveled very far just to have an appointment with her. My commute has now exceeded 50 miles and it is worth every penny! Not only does she know exactly what I want, but she is friendly and precise in her work. She will be my stylist as long as she is creating and I will go wherever she may go.
Excellent service
By Cathy on 12 Mar 2020
On time appointment, excellent results.
Love my stylist!
By Tiffani on 11 Mar 2020
Dara is the best and always gets my blond color just right! Not brassy or ashy but perfect!
Best salon and stylist around
By Cindy on 10 Mar 2020
I have been a client of Dana’s for many years! She is extremely skilled and has a great eye for what will look good. I get compliments on my color and cut all the time and it’s due to Dana’s magical styling talent. On top of that, she’s a kind and funny person you quickly connect with. Once she styles your hair you won’t go anywhere else.