Welcome to Jackie Yates Salon Elite Club Color!! As a member of this elite club you will be entitled to significant savings.The cost of membership will be $62.00 per month. We will auto-draft the credit card you provide through our secure network. We ask that if for any reason you need to opt out that you submit a 30-day written notice. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Also, this membership is non-transferable. The original member will be the only person to receive these benefits.

Member benefits:

  • One Step Color (roots only) as many times as you need within the month. This will be with select stylists. If your regular stylist is not a participant in this program, they will still be involved in your formulations. (there will be additional charge of $20 if there is additional color used due to length and thickness)
  • A 10% discount on all Retail Items
  • Once a month wax service at 5% off.
  • Blow Dry styles after color services complimentary by select stylists only.
  • Once a month Hair Spa Experience at 5% off.

If you stay in the program for twelve consecutive months, the thirteenth month will be complimentary and your credit card will NOT be charged! This original contract will automatically renew if we do not receive a 30-day written notice.

If you do wish to opt out of Jackie Yates SalonElite Club Color you understand that you must give a thirty (30) day withdrawal notice in writing on a Jackie Yates Salon Elite Club Color form provided by Jackie Yates Salon.


I authorize Jackie Yates Salon to debit my credit card provided for $62.00 every month

  • The person signing this document is the only person to be able to receive the membership benefits.
  • Please note a gratuity has not been included in your membership fee and can be left as cash or check