Tapping Into Tech For Small Business

Tapping Into Tech For Small Business

Posted on 2016-05-05 by Admin

Salon Cloud based software service Small business owners are a breed unto themselves. They are by nature independent and willing to take risks, and because they are so close to the day-to-day events happening in their companies, they have an intimate knowledge about what’s going as well as which trends are likely to take hold. And that’s where technology comes in. Tapping into technology for a small business doesn’t require a huge investment in time, training, or finances. In fact, the best way for independent businesses to capitalize upon tech is to keep it simple. Cloud-based services are a case in point. Whether you need a place to store data, or a way to access it from another location, the cloud offers a wealth of options. Cloud services don’t require any additional on-site hardware, and they simplify not only the sharing of business data but also the analysis of it. Best of all, using a secure cloud-based service means someone else is dealing with maintenance schedules and hardware upgrades. Utilizing cloud technology means that you’ll have more time to devote to your client base. Mobile technology is not something small businesses can afford to ignore. In keeping with the previous point, mobile technology automatically moves your business into the cloud, effectively removing the need for an internal IT department or person. To further streamline things, recent SMB Group surveys indicate that 70% of small businesses interviewed expect mobile apps to replace at least some of their current business applications. In moving toward mobile, ask yourself what apps would make it easier for your customer-base to not only find you, but to do business with you. Be sure that your website is also mobile friendly. That’s the best place to begin. Incorporating technology into a salon business may seem complicated, but here at SalonClouds+ we’re ready to help with salon-specific marketing ideas, website development and SEO, and the SalonCloudsPlus mobile app. Haven’t seen the app in action? Email us for a free demo of the system at app@webappclouds.com or check out the website at www.SalonCloudsPlus.com.