Steps to Growing Best Customers

Steps to Growing Best Customers

Posted on 2016-11-30 by Admin

Many spa & salon owners don’t really understand the importance of good, current clientele. In fact, many don’t utilize and maintain a comprehensive customer growth strategy. Even a referral program is an invaluable thing in your industry.

In order to get more sales out of your current customers, you need to rank your customers by sales and profitability to develop an adequate “customer profile.” Knowing who your best customers are, and their preferences, is the first step to growing sales and referrals.

How to Train Your Staff to Encourage Growth in Current Clients


  1. Share your list of best customers, their profile and preferences, with everyone at the spa & salon. These clients are the livelihood of your success and should always be treated as such from any staff member that interacts with them.
  2. Continue to build your customer profile to grow revenue from current clients. Communication is key here. Talk with your stylists and capture pertinent info such as age, marital status, gender, demographic info, as well as their spa preferences and product usage. Provide your staff important questions to use in daily phone conversations, emails and in-person with their clients. This will help decipher the needs of current best customers to gain revenue.
  3. Get all staff involved in thank-you notes, anniversary cards, surveys and other means to gain information while showing your best customers how much you appreciate them. Sending those specials and other offers specialized treatments and products, will be appreciated and can help to increase sales.

Once you have great client retention with your best customers feeling like a rock star, referrals are the next step. Happy clients love to boast about their favorite spa, salon and stylist. This can open the path to new revenue growth!

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