SEO is Essential in Business Today

SEO is Essential in Business Today

Posted on 2017-11-21 by Admin

How important is SEO to you? Do you know how to achieve basic search engine optimization? Positioning your website for a high level of organic searches will help in the buying process and driving potential clients to your website. 

Not only is it necessary to build your website so it’s pleasing to your visitors but it’s equally important to make sure it’s easily picked up by Bing, Google, and other search engines. SEO is critical to help your website be a profitable one. 

What’s the Goal of SEO?
The purpose of SEO is a create an easy user experience and to communicate to the search engines that you are a relevant business to perform in their top organic searches. 

What are Search Engines Looking for?
In order for your website to be ranked high in organic searches, search engines look at many things and they continue to review your site constantly. Just a few things are:

  • The relevancy of content with effective meta descriptions and title tags;
  • How good the content is on your site and if it’s good enough content to link or if other authoritative sites use your website as a reference;
  • How the over site looks, how easy it is to navigate, and if it looks credible;
  • That your website doesn’t practice keyword stuffing, post too many ads, or have a high bounce rate.

Optimize for Multiple Channels
Keyword strategy is the name of the game in both implementing on-site and other off-site platforms. You should always be thinking of multi-channel optimization with platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Email and other digital marketing. When you use consistent keywords, it will help you in your branding efforts and will train users to use specific phrases that you are trying to optimize.

Optimize for Different Types of Results
Not a lot of people are using desktop anymore. The majority of searchers and online buyers are now using mobile and tablet for their online experience. Creating rich content such as videos and non-text content help your website get ranked higher as search engines can crawl that content and give your website credit for it. 

How Salon Clouds Can Help
There’s no doubt that SEO is vital to your company. We offer SEO services to both clients that we build their website for but also as an add-on option for those that manage their own website. An overall analysis of your website will need to be completed to give you a comprehensive report of what your website specifically needs but here’s a short list of what is possible:

  • Website edit to make sure all links are working. 
  • External links open in separate browser windows so as not to lead your visitors away from your site.
  • Sufficient keywords are being used as well as ensure that keyword stuffing in not being done.
  • Help you understand your area competition and how to give you a leading edge above your competition so you will come up above them in organic searches.
  • How to effectively grow and promote your business to the highest level. 

Don’t get lost in the SEO maze of best practices and the ever-changing ways to optimize your website. At SalonCloudsPlus, we can help ensure your website ranks high in the organic searches with all the top search engines. Need a new mobile-friendly website or haven’t seen the app in action? Email us for a free demo of the system at app@webappclouds.com or check out the website at www.SalonCloudsPlus.com.