SalonCloudPlus Mobile App Can Save Your Clients Time and Frustration

SalonCloudPlus Mobile App Can Save Your Clients Time and Frustration

Posted on 2016-04-11 by Admin

Mobile app development company Sorry all you salon owners... It’s nothing against your devoted receptionists or friendly staff – but just about everyone I know HATES calling in for a salon appointment. Typically we’re so busy during business hours, 9am-5pm, it’s hard to find time out of our day to call our salon, be put on hold, try to make an appointment with our favorite stylist only to be told they aren’t available during our chosen time so we have to spend even more time on the phone trying to find an appointment that works for both of us. (exhausted yet?) If you’re anything like me, after the third date not working, I tend to start to make concessions in my head about what I can cancel so that this relationship with my stylist will work. Why put your clients thru this frustration and consumption of time? Fortunately, there’s SalonCloudsPlus to the rescue! We guarantee to take the stress out of booking salon appointments. Whether your client needs a color touch-up, a haircut, a blow out and style, or anything else, give them the convenience of booking on our mobile app where confirmation is just a click away. Want to know what else our mobile app can do? Appointment Reminders – send current clients reminders of their upcoming appointments. This keeps you top-of-mind and will get your clients talking to their friends about coming to you. Style Portfolios – keep trendy looks, new coloring techniques and the latest styles right at their fingertips. You can help your clients pick out a new style and keep it handy on their phone to show their stylist when they come into your salon. Special Offers – push notifications allow you to connect immediately to your clients about special promos, deal, events, and offers. You can generate interest easily and keep your clients engaged with your salon. Loyalty Programs – why not make it easy for your clientele to keep track of their loyalty program or points at any time from the comfort of their home. Referrals – with a single click, a user can give your salon a raving review on social media. You can earn new business thru word-of-mouth with your mobile app. When you have a strong mobile presence, your business will appear at the top of the local search results and help you draw potential customers to your doorstep with little to no expense. Our SalonCloudsPlus app can give you all these benefits and more. If you aren’t yet using a mobile app, see what SalonCloudsPlus App can do for you. Email SalonCloudsPlus for a free demo on our system or check out our website.