Be Smart with Your Salon & Spa Marketing in 2016

Be Smart with Your Salon & Spa Marketing in 2016

Posted on 2016-03-02 by Admin

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Many salon and spa owners use the New Year as a time to ramp up their marketing. They are determined to try innovative ways to bring in clientele and ways to retain their current clients. There’s some great ways out there to market your salon and spa that work and two mainstream ways that are picking up notoriety with all generations, including the millenials, are blogging and social media. Blogging Matters: In today’s world, blogging is more than just a way to build up your SEO. Whether it’s for your current clients or potential new clients, there are some great reasons to keep up-to-date on your salon blog. Keep your clients excited about your salon and allow them to feel like they are getting a value from your salon even when they aren’t physically there. Your dedicated clients will subscribe and read your blog to learn about fresh content weekly. Everyone wants to know what’s trending, what’s hot in your city, specials, and how they can gain value by repeat visits to your salon or spa. A blog is a great way to keep them engaged and helps to keep your salon on top of mind. You’ll also want to make sure to use your blog to give tips and tricks to your app, new updates and best ways to use the app effectively. Not only will you be educating your clients, but it also excites them to share your app with their friends and family, bringing in new clients for you. For those that come upon your blog but aren’t current clients, an informative blog will give them local info, show them how knowledgeable you are with the industry and also how involved you are locally with your community. Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms are bigger than ever. From the millennial generation to the boomers, people want to keep connected, see what’s trending, and how others feel about local businesses. From a recent study, daily times spent on digital platforms are over 5 hours per day! As well, 2 out of 5 millenials describe their social media usage as continuous. Platforms such as twitter and facebook are great for shouting out short bursts of info on your salon and spa, current trends, specials, and upcoming events. You can also use these to lead potential clients to your blog. Instagram is great as a visual tool. Clients and future clients will come to depend on viewing the hottest trends as you attend salon and spa tradeshows, current pictures on community events your salon is involved in or hosting, or before/after pictures of great makeovers from your stylists. We can show you how your blog and social media platforms can work with your mobile app, give you tips on getting started and even maintain these platforms for you on a weekly basis. If you aren’t yet using a mobile app, see what SalonCloudsPlus App can do for you. Email SalonCloudsPlus for a free demo on our system or check out our website.