Rules for a Successful Salon

Rules for a Successful Salon

Posted on 2016-07-28 by Admin

Interior of empty modern hair and beauty salon Salon success can be great … but before you get there, you need to travel that journey of making your salon successful. Sometimes it can be a difficult road, especially in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced salon industry where things seem to change as quickly as the latest trends. Salon owners need to come up with their own set of rules, believe in them, follow them, and update as necessary. Here’s a few that we found to be successful with “salon-trepreneurs.” Define Your Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy should not only be advertising. In fact, many salon owners make the mistake of thinking that marketing means advertising. Instead, your marketing strategy should be a well-rounded plan that includes advertising, promotion, and communication. Advertising is the piece to the puzzle that is paid for to attract clients to your salon either via print or digital. Communication is how you make a presence for your salon to ensure you have visibility. Publishing events in a local paper, your website, social media marketing, postcards, signage – all examples of effective communication. Promotion is probably the most creative and can really attract new clients by utilizing your regular clients. Incentives for referrals, discount programs, “bring a friend,” or promotions for salon products are all great ways to show off your salon. Find Your Niche Like I said before – salons are a dime a dozen. What makes yours stand out is your unique selling proposition, or niche. You must have something different you’re offering that makes yours stand out from all the others. Use that niche to your advantage in your marketing and you’ll be attracting your clientele in no time. Also, by using your advertising budget specifically for your niche clientele, you will spend less money and attract the type of clients that best “fit” your salon. Make a Connection Clients want to feel a connection with the products and services they use. Rather than just providing them with a service than waiting to see them in another 6-8 weeks, engage them in between visits. Use your mobile app to send push notifications on specials, appointment reminders, promotions, and other things. Being able to use your mobile app to make appointments, view promotions, offers, and even get some ideas for changing their style will give them a sense of empowerment and develop into a loyal relationship. Use your weekly blog to give them the latest trends, how they can achieve their beauty and wellness goals, offer professional advice and guidance. Do not try to sell them products but rather be a “friend” that we want to keep coming back to. products is an ideal way to provide your client with this path. Beginning with the wet-stretch-test, which demonstrably gives physical evidence of their hair’s need for either moisture, protein, or maintenance establishes a verifiable baseline of your client’s hair. Progress derived from both in-salon and at-home products usage can be tested and verified with the client at future service visits. Long term progress will be absolutely noticeable and be a strong reinforcement for their loyalty. Carry Exclusive Products When you look, there’s endless salons within a few miles of yours and they all offer Redken, Paul Mitchell, and other big box brands. Instead, why not offer a true salon experience with an exclusive line of products tailored for your clients. A product brand that is only available by licensed professionals. These type of exclusive products will make your salon stand out among those that carry brands that can be found in any salon, warehouse, or wholesale center.  Be Price Smart While you don’t want to price your clients out of their comfort range, it is important to price your salon services to match your quality of service. Many salon owners have come to the realization that by increasing their pricing gives them the freedom to provide more attractive discounts. For instance, if you increase your pricing by 15%, you can in turn offer a 15% discount for friends and family of your current clients. By doing this, you’ve increased the perceived value of your services and your clients increase their loyalty by believing you are giving them great discounts and will in turn give more referrals. Need some help with growing your salon business? Increasing revenue? Or giving your existing salon a fresh marketing strategy? At SalonCloudsPlus, we can help you build a custom website, enhance your social media marketing, write and publish your blog, and give your salon that edge it needs to succeed. Need a new mobile-friendly website or haven’t seen our mobile app in action? Email us for a free demo of the system at app@webappclouds.com or check out the website at www.SalonCloudsPlus.com.