Reach More Holiday Shoppers

Reach More Holiday Shoppers

Posted on 2015-11-24 by Admin

By now, your holiday marketing should be in full swing. Did you forget anything? You want to reach shoppers, clients, and walk-ins in all the ways you can and boost retail sales during the holidays. You may even bring in new clients if you market successfully. Reach Out Online In-salon signs, flyers, and window displays will reach a limited audience but will do nothing to reach the majority of local shoppers. Last year, half of all holiday shopping was done online and this includes last minute purchases as well. Optimized website and blog content will allow local shoppers to more readily find you when searching for holiday gifts. Social media and Email marketing will also be a big key to reaching holiday shoppers online. Target Gift Card Buyers Last year, holiday shoppers, on average, purchased 4 gift cards worth at least $45 each. While salon gift cards are a great option for holiday shoppers, they won’t sell themselves. Make sure you are reaching out to your clients but also to their friends, loved ones, and the mass public. If you have our mobile app, you can do a push notification to your database reminding them how easy it is to buy a gift card. Entice them by reminding them you have gift cards ready, waiting, gift-wrapped and shippable to help them cross people off their holiday shopping lists. Reach Out with Holiday Exclusive Inventory You may be able to boost retail sales in your salon significantly during the holidays if you add exclusive, limited time retail items to your wares. Not only should you offer retail beauty products that’s expected but take advantage of the opportunity to think outside the box. You might want to offer fun, shabby chic, artsy or other specialty retail items that clients may buy for someone on their holiday shopping list. You may even catch them buying those items for themselves. Get in Touch with Last Year’s Shoppers As you collect email addresses, mobile phone numbers at the point of sale, on your website and even through engagement on social networks during the holiday season can help you build a contact list for the holiday seasons to follow. Reach out to clients and shoppers who took you upon holiday offers last year to let them know what you have planned for the holiday shopping season ahead. SalonCloudsPlus can help increase revenue by setting you up with a mobile app that can help keep your clients up-to-date on all your specials and offerings no matter what time of year, book appointments in the comfort of their home, and receive reminders of future bookings. Not yet using a mobile app? See what SalonCloudsPlus App can do for you. Email SalonCloudsPlus for a free demo on our system or check out our website.