Mobile App Boosts Business

Mobile App Boosts Business

Posted on 2016-08-13 by Admin

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Are you still on the fence about a mobile app for your business? What exactly are you waiting for? Mobile apps are becoming the main form of digital interaction for every generation group. Mobile phones, iPad, tablets and other smart devices are paving the way for how consumers are spending their money. The facts: Ø  Time spent online is more than any other media. Ø  Time on mobile devices have increased 575% over the last 3 years. Ø  Out of all the time on mobile devices, 80% is spent using apps. Ø  Apps offer a user experience that is unique and saves them time. When determining the best mobile app for your salon & spa, you need to make sure it’s simple and very user-friendly for your clients. This will make a good impression on your business and will become a way clients can easily engage with your salon & spa which will increase revenue. Ways your mobile app will benefit your business: Ø  Boost online sales; Ø  Grow consumer engagement with offers, specials, and push notifications; Ø  Create a Direct Marketing Channel; Ø  Build a comprehensive database of both clients and prospects; Ø  Reinforce your brand. It’s all about your clients. Not even will your mobile app benefit your business revenue, it’ll also become an advantage to your clients. Ways your mobile app will benefit your clients: Ø  Increase accessibility to quickly book appointments at their convenience; Ø  Easy shopping for your salon & spa online products; Ø  One-touch access to your salon information & online gallery; Ø  Get directions to your business wherever they are; Ø  Be the first to know about special events, launches, specials and offers; Ø  Receive reminders of their appointments to put in their calendars; Ø  Ability to purchase gift cards easily at the touch of a button. There’s no doubt an effective mobile app will increase customer loyalty and influence those clients referring others. Why not check out how SalonCloudsPlus can best help you move your business to the next level. Need a new mobile-friendly website or haven’t seen our mobile app in action? Email us for a free demo of the system at app@webappclouds.com or check out the website at www.SalonCloudsPlus.com.