Embrace the New Generations Entering the Workforce

Embrace the New Generations Entering the Workforce

Posted on 2019-04-12 by admin

Business owners know the huge change in processes and business culture that has been brought on by the Millennials and Gen Z entering the workforce. Change is inevitable with every generation to effectively cultivate a positive work environment that empowers, retains, and motivates the younger generations entering the workforce. 

Salon & spa owners need to understand the difference in Millennials and Gen Z, while encouraging changes in their salon that can ensure that both generations can contribute to the success of their business. 

Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994 – although there’s some overlap among researchers that say they could be born up to 2000. Here are some of their preferences when it comes to careers:

  • They are team players. Millennials were raised with a “can do” attitude and prosper when working in teams. Their mindset is that teams are the key to success and teams can accomplish more. 
  • They need feedback. To be successful, Millennials need constant feedback. 
  • They seek flexibility. While Millennials juggle many things at once: traveling, sports, gatherings, etc. they also want flexible hours as opposed to the typical 9-5 work schedule. 
  • They are structure driven. Growing up in a largely structured household, Millennials appreciate structure and organization to lead them to a long-term career path. 
  • They’re good at networking. Millennials became the first truly connected generation with the digital age. Email, instant message, text, and the internet were all born under this generation.  

Gen Z was born between 1995 and 2010. They are the newest generation entering the workforce and there are key differences with these young adults.

  • They are used to instant gratification. With a mobile device being instant access to information, people, and products, they are used to succinct sound bites of information and rely on this instantaneousness. 
  • They are extremely adaptable. Gen Z is used to fast-paced, ever-changing technology which also makes them comfortable with change. They know how to drop the processes and products that are becoming obsolete and move quickly and seamlessly to those that are on the cutting edge.
  • They are competitive. While Millennials focuses on team, Gen Z wants to be judged on their own merits. They understand there’s a need for constant skill development to stay relevant in this fast-paced digital world. 

  • They prefer to work alone. Their independence is related to their competitiveness. They are highly motivated to achieve their dream.
  • They like to talk face-to-face. Although many believe that Gen Z only communicates their technology, a majority of them surveyed said they prefer in-person discussion over IM or email.

When you look at stats, 83% of Millennials are already managers in the workforce. As you hire the new Gen Z generation, they will work together well with Millennials – combining their technological adaptability with the desire for teamwork.

It will be important as a salon owner to celebrate each generation’s unique talents and strengths to cultivate a positive working environment. Remember to empathize and listen. Ignore all those stereotypes out there and instead, use their strengths to help you grow your salon into the future.

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