Continuing Education...DO IT!!

Continuing Education...DO IT!!

2017-10-13 by Admin

By now you’ve probably figured out it takes more to a successful business than just opening your salon & spa and waiting for the clients to find you. Word of mouth is definitely a big part of your success but also is taking the initiatives to stay on top of the trends and keeping your staff fully trained on the newest techniques and products. 

If you’re a stylist, colorist, aesthetician, receptionist, or have any other role in a salon & spa, it’s just as important to stay up-to-date on your continuing education as well! The best way to stay a valued employee is to know your trends and stay educated so you can give your clients the best service possible. 

Continuing Education...DO IT!!
Continuing education is a never-ending task that you have to fully commit to in order to take your salon & spa to the next level. We all want to continue growing, or at least try our best! The salon/spa industry tends to be at a certain level of competition that requires us to step up our game on a regular basis - exactly why it’s key for you to continue to expand personally and professionally. 

Keeping up-to-date also makes you a better service provider for your guests and a valuable member of your team. Fortunately for you, there are some simple resources to accomplish this daunting task even if you don't know where to start or feel like you "have no time”.

Blogs are a simple way to get other viewpoints on topics in the industry. Blogs can be written in many creative and inspiring ways to deliver information so don’t be afraid to take that information and build on it for your own needs.

There are tons of different blogs focused on our industry in regards to hair, nails, massage, esthetics, business - you name it! Subscribe to a couple or just bookmark the site and check it out from time to time over your morning coffee or tea. Use that information to write your own unique blogs to deliver beneficial content to your own clients!

Webinars are live online seminars. If you’re connected to certain product lines, business services, and/or even subscribe to certain magazines they usually offer webinars regularly. Webinars can introduce you to new products and services without being physically present at a conference or tradeshow. This means you don’t miss valuable time away from the salon. In fact, you can attend in your PJ's on your couch and no one will even know you don't have your hair done or your face on for the day!  

Books, Magazines, Publications
Become a pro in your field of expertise! If you’re interested in offering specific services over others— read up on it and learn EVERYTHING there is to know about it...become your own Google!  If you’re a colorist, subscribe to magazines and websites like behindthechair.com to stay current with the latest trends that your guests are asking for when they're trying to "keep up with the Kardashians".

Conferences/Trade Shows
Find an industry show you’re interested in and bring a friend or your salon team! There are salon/spa trade shows and industry conferences held throughout the year in a wide range of cities. Conferences can be a fun place to meet people and increase your network of colleagues in your field—not to mention they’re usually in beautiful destinations. Who doesn't love a little getaway and adventure?

Social Media/Video Tutorials
There are hundreds of YouTube channels for salon professionals. Not to mention that most product companies are even putting out their own videos on their pro websites to launch new trends. Everything from balayage, color melting, haircuts, makeup contouring, and facial techniques can be found online. Our industry greats are even sharing their techniques and formulas via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As much time as we spend looking at cute puppy videos, spare a few of those scrolling moments to perfect your craft!

It’s important not to get stuck in a rut and forget where your passion for this industry came from in the first place. Step out of the box and become the best professional possible. Your clients count on you to keep up with the industry trends and continue to better yourself and your services. 

SalonCloudsPlus is committed to the continued growth of your salon/spa and your team.  For more information on our upcoming Education Program Launch, email SalonCloudsPlus today. Need a new mobile-friendly website or haven’t seen our mobile app in action? Email us for a free demo of the system at app@webappclouds.com or check out the website at www.SalonCloudsPlus.com.

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