Ukraine's first licence: how legal gambling came to be in the country

Ukraine's first licence: how legal gambling came to be in the country. 

The Ukrainian Gambling Regulatory Commission has been busy with the issue of gambling licences for several months now: several discussions and political meetings have taken place. Thus, the first in the history of new casinos uk the license was finally issued to Spacex LLC, which also owns the registered trademark Kosmolot (TM). The corresponding decision (number 34) can be found on the resource, representing the government agency. The gambling operator now has the right to organise and conduct various interactive entertainment activities on the internet, including online casinos and foreign slots registration. 

Sergey Potapov, CEO of Spacex, said that the first licence would open up the transparency of this business in the country for global operators, as well as give the local jurisdiction a chance to show all its serious intentions.  

Sergiy added: The legal market in Ukraine is worth a candle. A project such as legalising an entire industry is a painstaking process. The Commission, according to Potapov, as a state body, carries out all duties and regulations clearly and coherently, despite the fact that this structure was created only recently. The author urged stakeholders to "come out of the shadows". Gambling entertainment, Sergei points out, should be safe for the public. Gambling business should find understanding in the society and stop being perpetually condemned. 

Positivising the gambling market is one of Spacex's main goals. The image of the gambling market must be open and positive. 

According to CounterAgent resource, Spacex LLC was established in March 2020 with a registered capital of UAH 30m. 

We note that the Ukrainian regulator has repeatedly rejected applications from online gambling entertainment providers. In a statement, the Ukrainian Gambling Regulatory Commission reported that the application package was incorrectly filled out. "Spacex was also initially among those rejected. 

More than 20 holders of various types of gambling businesses are interested in the Ukrainian license," says Anton Kuchukhidze. He is the head of the Ukrainian Gambling Association. The list of those interested also includes influential foreign entrepreneurs. 

Recall also that in January 2021 there was a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where politicians approved a bill to create a state support fund for the social sphere and all slots. Annual license fees from gambling providers and the sale of the licenses themselves are beneficial to the country: money from casino revenues will be used to finance medical projects and upgrade educational institutions.



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