Roulette tricks at the casino in Lucerne

Roulette tricks at the casino in Lucerne

Gambling can sometimes be a mind-boggling experience, where you have to take all the risks to try to win the jackpot. Cheating in a casino is very risky, and we obviously advise against it. Very few people get away with it without getting caught. This is the case of 4 individuals who are on trial for faking a roulette table in 2019 in Lucerne.

Fake roulette numbers

In April 2019, a group of 4 individuals came to spoil the peace of the casino in the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. This group of players would have organized a scheme in order to rig roulette tables within the establishment. Play roulette at the best online casino in India.

The deception would have been as follows: an individual would have placed small black sheets on certain roulette numbers, including 8, 24, 11, 17, 29 and 26. The purpose of these objects was to slow down the bounds of the ball and increase the probability of winning on these rigged numbers. However, the swindlers did not always bet on the rigged balls so as not to attract too much attention from the dealer and their opponent." The deception would have been as follows: an individual would have placed small black sheets on certain roulette numbers."

Another man was busy betting these rigged roulette numbers from a slot machine. He made over 255 bets. In all, they pocketed no less than CHF 30,000.

The men remembered to remove the black sheets before sneaking out and attempting to cross the border, where they were stopped.

Cheating at the roulette wheel

As we said, the four crooks were stopped at the border where the customs officers searched the vehicle and found black sheets, magnets and wires. This was the device that the crooks would have used to carry out this fraud.

In addition, the agents found the 30,000 francs collected through this scheme, which led the agents to suspect the four men of cheating.

A trial was held, without the thugs, who are now inadmissible. Their guilt has not yet been proven, and their lawyers are working on their defense. For the justice professional, this idea of cheating is completely far-fetched, and according to him, the individuals were only lucky to win such a large sum.

The final verdict is still awaited, but one thing is for sure, the director of the casino in Lucerne has reinforced security so that such an event never happens again.



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